Aperture of things to come.

As reported by MacRumors.com Apple is to offer “Image Search, Editing, Effects and Plugings” to the upcoming ‘Photos’ application.

This is welcome news but what they didn’t mention was backward compatibility with current plugins for Aperture. This I’m sure would be critical for any photography professional or enthusiast and the developers of the plugins for Aperture. That is if the current publishers of plugins for Aperture continue to develop for the Photos application at all. Perhaps they might abandon the Mac altogether, there’s no telling at this point.

As this entire situation is a mess, for those using Aperture, I’m sure a big issue will be plugin compatibility on Mac OS X Yosemite once it’s released this fall. The developers are stuck having to temporarily support their products for a version of Aperture that is to be discontinued. The main question is, will Apple make the Photos application plugin framework function with older plugins? Will Apple make it easy for current publishers to move their plugins to Photos? One would assume they would, but you know what they say about assuming.


The Facebook Experiment: the ‘why’ questions…

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Facebook question markA great deal has been written about the Facebook experiment – what did they actually do, how did they do it, what was the effect, was it ethical, was it legal, will it be challenged and so forth – but I think we need to step back a little and ask two further questions. Why did they do the experiment, and why did they publish it in this ‘academic’ form.

What Facebook tell us about their motivations for the experiment should be taken with a distinct pinch of salt: we need to look further. What Facebook does, it generally does for one simple reason: to benefit Facebook’s bottom line. They do things to build their business, and to make more money. That may involve getting more subscribers, or making those subscribers stay online for longer, or, most crucially and most directly, by getting more money from its advertisers. Subscribers are…

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